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 The real WIN-WIN relationship is our target.
代表取締役 村田 峰人

 President and CEO: Mineto Murata


 After graduating from high school, Mineto

 immediately flew to America. While he was

 majoring in environmental studies at his

 university, he also worked at a business related

 to Japan and became interested in business.

 After he came back to Japan, he worked as a

 CEO and other positions at environment related

  businesses, IT businesses, and big venture

 capital companies. These experiences has led

 Mineto to become the CEO of WELLCOM, Inc.

ミッション・ビジョン・バリュー Mission / vision / value 第三の創業期にあたり、新たに制定します。

 Mission / Vision / Values

=We established this statement for the third development phase of our business.

 <Mission: WELLCOMの存在意義>

 =Mission: WELLCOM's mission statement
 新しいことをする=To do new things.

=((We will constantly try new things to develop and grow. We will not do the same thing as yesterday and make tomorrow different from today.))

<Vision: WELLCOMの方向性>

=Vision: WELLCOM's direction

=We will create better communication.

<Value: WELLCOMが守るべき価値>

=Value: The values that WELLCOM will maintain

E=Empathy - Having empathy with our partners
P=Punctuality - Being punctual to the minute, keeping to the regulations and adapting ourselves
O=Open Mindedness - Having open communication based on honesty
C=Creativity - Acting in a considerate way towards the future
H=Heart - Being passionate and sincere

Since the so-called burst of Japan's economic bubble during the 1980's, both Japan's economy and society has changed a lot, including the reorganization of large companies and the creation of more venture businesses. However, the one thing that all companies need at any time is "credit". To build credit, it is important that you keep understanding and meeting the needs of your customers. The first step in order to do that is "listen to your customers". Our call center/contact center is one of the most effective ways to listen to your customers.

At WELLCOM, we are still considered as doing a new style of business, among the general call center/contact center businesses which are growing today. However, we are making efforts everyday to earn customer satisfaction by making a clear distinction between us and other call centers. Since we are not trained by any general call center/contact center businesses, we believe that we have the same point of view as our customers and are able to organize ourselves and run our business without maintaining outdated values. We would love to build a real WIN-WIN relationship with all of our customers as much as we can. As well as facilitating combined sustainable growth so that we both can be happy for our partner's success.

To actuate this vision, what we consider the most important aspect about our staff is, in short, how we train people. For example, within two hours we will train a young person who gives a weak response to becoming happy to cheerfully greet customers. The previous example, which feels just like a magic trick, is all apart of WELLCOM's original training system, which has been in development for a long time. We take care of our staffs from the first moment that we meet them, until the time that they find their own way and leave or grow together with our organization. We don't force people, but cheer and support them to find their own way and make progress. That's what WELLCOM is and what WELLCOM wants to do.

Also, we want to actively make a contribution to not only people, but also to society as a whole. IP network development related to broadband technology, is about to release people from time and physical limitations. By opening call centers on rural islands and SOHO call center networks, we want to provide a system to support people who can't leave their location by using the "call center" as their tool.

Our company name WELLCOM was voted on and decided by our staff members. WELLCOM means "Welcome to e-Communication" and has a message that we want to build a better relationship with all of our customers, partners, and our staffs. "Provide a professional service in order to have smooth communication." That's our way and we believe that WELLCOM is the group that can really make it happen.