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CRM Solution Advisory Service
First things first, we will strongly focus on getting the "answer" that our customer wants to get.
Following that, we will provide advice and help in carrying it out. We will make a proposal to match our customer's needs.

There's no company that is not using telephones today. However, how many companies actually consider the costs related to using telephones? To offer our customers WELLCOM's expertise that we have accumulated, we have added our consulting services as well.

「電話の件数がとても多いのだけれども、これでいいのだろうか…。」="Our company is getting so many phone calls. Are we doing the right thing?"


今のままのやり方でいいのかな?=Are we doing the right things?
二次クレームが多いんだけど…=Our customer’s complaints often become worse...
入電が多くてコストが下がらない!=We can't cut our costs because we get so many phone calls!

弊社営業=Our sales staffs
センターのパフォーマンスをきちんと評価しましょう!=We should evaluate the performance of your call center!
トークスクリプトを見直した方がいいかもしれません=We should take a fresh look at your talk script.
システムで自動化できる部分がありそうですよ=There should be some parts that we can automate using a system.

WELLCOM's customers are not only entrepreneurs of call centers/contact centers, we assume that most companies are using telephones or e-mails to run their businesses. Some business owners think that they don't need call centers/contact centers at all. However, we have found that they can get more advantages by using a call center depending on their business style. Besides being a call center, we can also apply our expertise related to cutting through communication expenses, managing staffs or scripts.

From our sales staff
The expertise related to CRM (Client Relationship Management) has been accumulated in our contact centers. Please use our experience for yourself to learn new things, like how to efficiently accumulate customer information, use it towards sales and product development. Our expertise, related to people and technology, will be even better utilized by running contact centers. We also provide this expertise as well, so please feel free to ask anything.