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Human Resources Development Service
We respond to the demands related to people, such as hiring, training and mental health care. Please try our service.

To efficiently make the best use of our customer's own call center, we provide our staffs in accordance with the ebb and flow of business. Cost reduction will result with this service.

「優秀な人材を安く調達したい…」="I want to call in the best brains for cheap."


We respond to our customers' demands in relation to people. Any company will want to call in the best brains, however, it's hard to actually find them. We will make your dreams come true with our training knowledge. In our company, we offer many different kinds of learning opportunities for our call center staffs. There are some choices; use our trained staffs or we train our customer's staffs. Either way, we will be happy to work together with our customer as a partner.
お客様 Customer
状況・ニーズ=Telling situation/demands

教育・派遣・アフターフォロー=Train/Sending/Follow-up service
必要要員のご提案=Providing the needed personnel

必要期間のみ労働力提供=Work during the required term
雇用契約=Having an employment contract

上図:「たとえば」人材派遣のカタチ…=Above: It's one example of outsourcing.
For the person who wants to hire operators for IT technical support

We are getting many thank-you letters from customers who were having troubles due to a lack of technical knowledge/staffs. This is because we have accumulated plenty of our own IT technology expertise related to PCs, servers and networks. We also have been earnestly working on educational activities including not only IT qualification courses, but also business manner or English communication courses. Since these educational activities will grow "engineers who can communicate well", our engineers have a great reputation about their quality.

From our sales staff
We are proud of our high quality services related to people such as hiring, training and supporting. We want our customers to be satisfied, so we have created a complete system of training and support staffs which includes after they have started working at our customers' offices. Our staffs are highly skilled and keep their motivation high. We do our utmost to make our staffs completely focused on working for our customers!