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Contact Center Operation Service
We will be taking charge of our customer's call center department altogether.

We will be taking charge of our customer's call center department altogether. We will contribute to increase our customers' sales and profits, by running a call center with the best staffing based on our expertise.

「顧客データを生かした販売活動を進めたい」="I want to advance a sales promotion by making the most of our customer information."
「自社のコールセンターの付加価値をもっと上げていきたい」="I want to add value to our own call center."


インハウス・アウトソース お客さまオフィス内で当社がコールセンターを運営します。 アウトソース 当社内のコールセンターで運営します。
In-house Outsourcing
ノウハウ・人員=Our expertise and staffs
お客様オフィス内で当社がコールセンターを運営します。=We will run a call center in our customer's office.
当社内のコールセンターで運営します。=We will run a call center in our office.
In-house Outsourcing

Our staffs will go to our customer's office and completely take charge of running the call center. We will undertake all the needed tasks, such as requirement definition, planning, hiring/training staffs and management. We will run a call center that is open to society and has a possibility of growing and developing.
*The running system will be the same in the case that our customer wants us to open a new call center in their office.


Using our facilities, we will completely take charge of running the call center that our customer needs. In this way, our customer doesn't need to invest in any new infrastructure, so that we can quickly meet our customer's demands. By decentralizing our call centers, we are prepared for unexpected disasters or other risks. Since we have many selections for varied costs, we believe that our customers can find the perfect plan for them.

From our sales staff
We still hear many people saying "doesn't outsourcing cost a lot for nothing?". However, it's not true if we think about the overall picture. Training staffs/investment in facilities isn't easy to do/prepare in a short period. The proper amount of expertise will also be required. It will be harder than people think to handle and maintain staffs in a call center, because staffs are not robots but human beings. We stick to our style that is "having the same point of view as our customers". We will be happy if people begin to think like, "using outsourcing, we can quickly gain more staffs who will help run our business together".