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CTI Infrastructure Provider Service
A contact center is a treasury of technology. We provide expertise that has been cultivated from many different cases.

We are living in times when telephones and computers are like one. We are in a world where finding important information without technology is difficult, like how to efficiently keep a relationship between customers, how to accumulate data and how to connect the date to sales.

「本当にこのシステムでいいのだろうか…」="Is this system really good for our company?"


We have cultivated our expertise related to telephone and computer systems in our contact centers. We apply this expertise to not only our customers' contact center, but also their general offices. To be able to choose a safe, quick and low cost plan for each customer, we have several plans where they can get the latest information.

To make it possible to deal with phone calls with a small number of staffs.
IVR [Auto-Answer System]
  • An audio guide will automatically answer.
  • IVR acts as an information clerk and connects to the correct department in charge.
  • IVR can be used as a telephone announcement after working hours or days off.
  • IVR can cut labor costs by reducing time that operators spend on the phone.
To cut more inefficient waiting time for phone calls...
ACD [Auto Call Allocation]
  • ACD will automatically allot phone calls to the operator who has the longest wait period between phone calls and is ready to answer.
  • ACD will efficiently make the best use of operators.
  • By equally dividing calls to operators, the operators will complain less as well as increase the stability of their work.
To understand the number of incoming calls.
CMS [Call Management System]
  • CMS sums up and reports the number of incoming calls/outgoing calls, the items that each operator has dealt with and the time that they have spent on each call.
  • CMS will make a center easier for supervisors and managers to control and run.
To be able to quickly respond to our customers using a system with a combined database and telephones.
CTI System
  • With incoming calls, a telephone will simultaneously send the caller ID to the operator's PC database.
  • The database will automatically search the users information and display it.
  • Since operators can quickly recognize the users information, business efficiency will be increased.
To use a call system as a tool for actively promoting a business
Predictive Dialing System
  • This system will automatically call the person before you make the call, and understand if the person is "ready to answer", "on the phone" or "absent".
  • This system will collect the phone calls, which the person on the phone is ready to answer, and equally divide and connect them to the operators.
  • While reducing the stress on the operators, this system will maximize the time spent on the phone to increase their productivity.
To be able to handle several duties
Whispering Function
  • This function transmits the business outline before the phone call from users will be connected to the operators.
  • It will be useful in the case that an operator handles several duties.
  • It will prevent confusion and make operators smoothly correspond to users.
From our sales staff
Telephones are making remarkable progress. An increase in broadband technology has accelerated a diffusion of IP phones at a glance. However, some people still think that fact has nothing to do with them. We think cellphones have only been around for 10 years or so. We would love to grow up with our customers who want to actively try new things together.