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Introduction Cases

IT(ハードウェア) 「ローコスト」かつ「高レベル」のサービスを地方で実現! PC周辺機器メーカーB社さま
IT (hardware)
We offer "low cost" yet "high quality" service in a rural setting!

A PC and its peripheral devices manufacturer, Company B

Committed business
We offered customer support for the company's products
Details of the introduction
The request of the company was "reducing overall costs for a call center" and "keeping the quality of the call center" at the same time. This request seems hard to accomplish, however, we have made them both come true by opening a rural call center. There are local governments who are looking to promote employment and revitalize the local economy. By cooperating with them, we have succeeded in hiring staffs and opening facilities for less cost. In addition to that, our staffs have been offering high quality services by politely corresponding to and paying attention to users. This is because WELLCOM's staffs positively learn knowledge and techniques as well as utilizing WELLCOM’s expertise in regards to training and growing staffs into professionals.
The point of operation
  • Since technical customer support requires detailed knowledge about products, all operators will share FAQs data based on actual questions from users.
  • Not only accumulating FAQ data, we are also updating user information. It will reduce the stress of operators/users and constantly increase customer satisfaction.
  • We also closely analyze and report status data such as, the number of tendencies of incoming calls, performance data of the operators and details of complaints.
  • Not only answering the users questions, but we also obtain their demands for the products. We report the users opinions to our customers and then propose business improvements.

From our sales staff

Company B could increase its customer satisfaction by listening to the users opinions that we have reported such as, "it will be useful if I could get a progress report showing the status of my repair order online" or "the FAQs are hard to find on this website." Now, Company B highly values the impact that our call center has been giving. We will make great efforts to report data in a management strategy angle to optimize the business and reduce costs.