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Introduction Cases

The quality and the cost performance of our problem solving and serious complaints support service, comes highly rated.

WELLCOM gives full-play to our ability in the field, such as solving imperfections/preventing cancellation of contracts and assisting serious complaints. We have gained a robust faith from our customers because of our highly rated quality and cost performance. Please take a look at these instances from our customers, divided into different businesses below.

事例1 通信インフラサービス事業者のケース 事例2 PCおよび周辺機器メーカーのケース 事例3 通信販売事業者のケース
Case 1
A communications infrastructure company

This company couldn't make concurrent backing system along with the starting up of its business. They needed to quickly build more centers!
Case 2
A PC and its peripheral devices manufacturer

WELLCOM provided a solution to put "high skill" and "high performance" together.
Case 3
A mail order business

We correspond to "short term and high speed" business styles. Maximizing the advantages of being in a rural setting!