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IT(インフラ) よい意味で「期待を裏切る」、短納期センター開設! 大手通信キャリアA社さま
IT (infrastructure)

We "astonish" our customers in a good way.
We opened a center within a short timeline!

A big telecommunications carrier, Company A

Committed business
We offer our special support for communication lines and providers.
Our related services are, solving imperfections of contracts, answering technical questions which are committed through two different companies, and dealing with complaints. Our services mainly include niche fields which are out of the reach of other companies.
Details of the introduction
When company A started its Internet access service, advance orders were more than 10 times the company's estimates. Now, the most important thing for the company was to build call centers ahead of schedule. Because of that, the company chose us because we proposed to build a call center for them within the shortest timeline.
The point of operation
  • We have quickly secured many staffs by cooperating with several temporary employment agencies. It made us able to handle tens of thousands of staffs within a short period.
  • Furthermore, we have gone ahead with phased-systematization and succeed in reducing 50% of the operators during peak hours.
  • We are still developing to increase the efficiency of dealing with phone calls and the quality of our services.

From our sales staff

By responding to the problems and requests that company A had, we were also able to evolve together. To increase our service quality even more, we have set our goals related to both inbound and outbound calls and we have been making efforts every day to achieve those goals. As a partner of company A, we will keep developing an environment for the company to be able to run its business quickly.