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Introduction Cases

通販 自動車での通勤が主体の地方だからできる夜間のフレキシブル対応! テレビショッピング運営会社C社さま
Mail order business
We flexibly correspond to users during the night, by making the best use of being in a rural setting where staffs use their cars for commuting.

A TV shopping channel business, Company C

Committed business
We are in charge of the order acceptance for the products sold in Company C's midnight TV shopping channel.
Details of the introduction
Since the TV shopping channel is broadcast at midnight, our operators work hours will be limited to a short term around midnight. Since most people use public transportation for commuting to their offices in urban areas, it was hard for Company C to hire staffs who can work at an office at midnight. To solve this problem, we proposed to use our rural center whose staffs use their cars for commuting. By choosing us, now Company C could secure staffs who can work for the company at midnight.
The point of operation
  • Each product shown on the program brings a different amount of incoming user calls. To match this situation, we have divided the number of operators into units of tens of staffs. By doing so, we can adjust the number of operators as the occasion demands and it will result in extra cost cutting.
  • We are also focused on planing and managing talk scripts to reduce time spent for each call as well as increase customer satisfaction.
  • We use multiple audio guides, that we have prepared, for the situation when all the operators are busy on the phone. To not make users bored, product information will be played while users are waiting for their call to be answered. This will prevent us from losing order reception chances.
  • If extra incoming calls arrive when all the audio guides are fully working, we will implement an automated guide using IVR servers to accumulate the users information. Operators will use the users information to call them back to increase orders.

From our sales staff

We are focusing on training our operators today. Our operators will arrive early at the call center to go over any problems that have occurred recently, new important points that they need to know for the day’s shift and conduct a role playing scenario to prevent future problems. Since working at midnight is hard, we also make sure to create a cheerful and comfortable office for our staffs. In addition, we always openly accept opinions from our operators. Since they can post their opinions without showing their name, they can openly and freely tell their honest opinions about the operation or the usability of data, which may be something that is hard to tell in person. To run a business smoothly, it is necessary to make a comfortable environment for staffs.