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"Operation Management"
We optimize the utilization of resource allocation for running contact centers.
Operation Management's rule is to make the best use of people and technology.

  • We constantly watch customer satisfaction and operational costs, to provide the optimal resource allocation within the center.
  • Furthermore, we also administer our operators, including their skills, and allocate our human resource as well.


 =Labor costs are high!!

 =Information system

 =Human resources

 =CS(Customer Satisfaction)drops!!

 WELLCOM method


  =This is the optimized situation!!

The process we undertake to make CS and cost efficiency compatible

In a general call center, there are two different tasks; one, what can we automate and two, what humans should do. However, sometimes a center hires people and pays them for a task which can be automated. Another case is, that the center automates most of the tasks so that the CS is dropping, even though originally the call center was supposed to raise CS.
WELLCOM asks our customers their satisfaction every time our staffs has completed a business phone call with the end-user. We do this to optimize the center by maintaining the information system and the balance of human resource within the center.

We have a clear understanding of the operators' skill portfolio.

By subdividing the telephone skill details into over 200 items, WELLCOM manages each operator's ability and characteristic in our database. By doing this, we can clearly understand the skill portfolio in all centers. We have also started to work on the quality improvement of the center by allocating our human resources, in accordance with the tasks or customer’s products.