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"Human Resources Solution"

We can train any person and turn them into a valuable human resource. That's WELLCOM's magic.
Plus, we guarantee their quality by using our perfect skill management system.

  • We have enthusiasm and our own original expertise to train new people and bring them up to become full-fledged employees.
  • We check each person's skills and won't let them work for our customers until they attain our high standards.

 We actively hire staffs!!Skill Check

 (We will retrain any staff if we feel they don't exemplify our high standards.


 Call Center

People will dramatically change after 2 hours. That's WELLCOM's operator training.

Among our human resources that we have hired as operators, there are some people who are already well grounded in operating. However, often they will not have any previous working experience or polite Japanese telephone manners. WELLCOM magic will turn them into an above average operator within a short time.

We hire and retrain the staffs who didn't pass our standards into our spare center.

Even after our training, some staff may not pass our standards within a given period of time. To keep our central center's quality, we never let them work in our centers. In that situation, we hire them for our own spare call center and retrain them until they pass our strict standards.
After staffs start to work in our center, we always survey staffs' skills and retrain them to catch them up, if needed. We endeavour to keep and maintain our call centers top quality.

Our goal is that we can be proud of "the people from WELLCOM".

We are painstakingly focused on training people because we want to establish the brand of WELLCOM. We are working towards the goal of hearing people say "the workers from WELLCOM are high quality." or "Yes, those people are WELLCOM workers!". We want to be a company that our workers can proudly say that they are WELLCOM workers.