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"Relationship Management"

WELLCOM won't do a hard sell. We think of how to sell your product/services together. This is WELLCOM's consistent style.

  • We quickly respond to you, suiting to your business speed.
  • Using our support system, we provide an equal service level to all of our customers.
Old company style
@ Omissions are found in their proposals.
@ Each sales staff has different levels of skill.
@ Information is poorly shared between staffs.
@ Staffs have poor knowledge of their cases.
@ There are no omissions in our proposals.
@ Each sales staff is equally skilled.
@ All staffs share their information.
@ We give our proposals based on useful cases.

We have systematically organized the history of our communication between our customers. You can get the same answer from any of our staffs.

In WELLCOM, we use a central control system that we can check our customers’ information such as the first meeting, the progress of each meeting, the contract details, and the situation after using our service. Therefore, we can efficiently report to our customers the progress of their contract or even organize a project to help open up a customer’s new contact center. This system makes our business swift, yet stable.
We also have a system available to all of our staffs to provide our customers with most accurate and latest information about our technology and human resources.