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ECサイト向け 「チャットサポート」サービス開始 −バイリンガル対応―
Our chat service for e-commerce has started. (English service is now available)

April 8th, 2011, WELLCOM, Inc. (The president and CEO: Mineto Murata, head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) has internationally started a chat support service which corresponds to English, targeted at e-commerce business owners.

This service will be useful in situations where an end user visited an online shop for shopping. If the end user wants to quickly check something about a product before they actually buy it, they can ask any question to our staff using the chat system.

Up to now, many online shops are mainly communicating with end users via a toll-free number or e-mails as their customer support services. However, this situation may cause some problems, such as telephone charges or having to wait a long time on the phone. Writing an e-mail just for asking a quick question about a product could be hassle. Many end users lose interest in purchasing products while they are writing e-mails about their questions to customer support. We have started our chat support service to quickly solve end user's problems, while they are still interested in purchasing products.

Our support service has advantages, because we can save the history of our past support service into our database. Since end users will write and type their questions in chat form, they will make questions simply and easy to understand before they actually ask their question. This will make our support service operate smoothly. These advantages will help our support service increase its quality.

Now, we are operating this service in our "Aparagi Contact Center" which is located in Miyakojima-shi, Okinawa. Our service is available in both Japanese and English.


Please contact us here for an inquiry about this service.
WELLCOM, Inc. Main sales office