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We create infrastructure systems, hiring/training/rearranging of staffs and operation/evaluation/improvement.
We provide all services relating to CRM.

Please do not hesitate to tell us your concerns.

We have been listening to and solving our customers' concerns. Utilizing our experience, we have built four different businesses today. First, we have a "Contact Center Operation Service" where companies commit us to running their contact centers. Our "Human Resources Development Service" provides a solution related to human resources and its training. "CTI Infrastructure Provider Service" provides companies the latest customer service tools combined with computers and our telephone system. We also have "CRM Solution Advisory Service" to provide our experiences to help our customers in taking action toward their business’s success. Each service is connected and flexibly matches our customers' style to bring out their best results.

"I want to advance a sales promotion by making the most of our customer information."
"I want to add value to our own call center."

We recommend our "Contact Center Operation Service".

We will be taking charge of your call center department as our business. We will contribute to increasing our customers' sales and profits by running a call center with the best staffing based on our expertise.

Further details
"I can't find any good staff."

We recommend our "Human Resources Development Service".

Our services includes publishing, designing the advertisement for the job posting, providing tools related to interviewing and managing applicants and training staffs. We provide the services our customers need, in accordance with the situation.

"Is this system really good for our company?"

We recommend our "CTI Infrastructure Provider Service".

It is essential to have some kind of system to efficiently run a business. With our method, we understand our customers situation and provide the best CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) matching your budget. CTI is not only for call centers. Please feel free to ask us any questions in regards to it.

"I want to start up our own call center, but I don't know how."

We recommend our "CRM Solution Advisory Service".

Are you secretly planning to start up your own call center for your company to keep a secure relationship with your customers? We don't keep our expertise to ourselves. Rather, we want our customers to actively use our expertise and contribute to raise their social added value. Therefore, we have been actively working on promoting our expertise about running businesses.