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By fusing people and technology together, we provide a fresh, top quality marketing tool to our customers.

Respond to the problems companies have in the marketing field, WELLCOM will solve them by using our own original system: the first step is, "Relationship Management", followed by "Operation Management", to support the process, we also have a "Human Resources Solution" and "CTI Infrastructure Solution".

ヒューマン・リソーシス・ソリューション CTIインフラストラクチャー・ソリューション
リレーションシップ・マネジメント : To build a relationship between ourselves and our customers efficiently and effectively.
ペレーション・マネジメント : Implementing a precise business operation, with the highest quality and lowest cost.
ヒューマン・リソーシス・ソリューション : Provide a total solution in relation to people.
CTIインフラストラクチャー・ソリューション : Providing technical solutions to facilitate real CRM.

We are always trying new methods. We also contribute to our local communities.

IT development is about to make regional differences a thing of the past. Call centers are one of the best solutions to use IT technology to stimulate a local economy. We started by expanding our business to Okinawa City with our investment in C&T Mobile Support. Next, we will proceed to expand our business to where we see the need. Trying new things is WELLCOM's mission and we believe that's the best shortcut to making people happier.